ML Student Google Account

By signing below, I state that I understand and will follow the Medford Lakes Student Email Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that my student account, as well as email is a privilege, and that it is intended for educational purposes only. Also, I understand the MLSD may take away or temporarily suspend my rights to my email if I break the rules of the Email Acceptable Use Policy. When using my school account, as well as my email, I understand that anything that I write or receive can and may be viewed by administrators, teachers, parents and the Board of Education.

Terms and Conditions of the MLSD Student Email Acceptable Use Policy:
  1. Always use the Internet for educational purposes or to complete school assigned work
  2. Always follow the instructions of the supervising staff member
  3. Always be polite, and do not be abusive to others in your online communication (email, chat, Google comments, etc.)
  4. Never log onto another students account even if you know a username and password
  5. Never disrupt, harass, annoy or bully any other users via email or chat
  6. Never attempt to contact individuals outside of our school district
  7. Never log into your personal email account in school unless instructed to do so.
  8. Never access or transmit inappropriate or restricted information.
  9. Never access violent games or those not educational in nature. Note: All games are not blocked thru our school filter. You are to be responsible and work on sites provided by the school or your teacher while in class or in the lab during Computer Lab, Advisory, Study Skills, etc.
  10. Never attempt to disguise your identity while online
  11. Do not access inappropriate content. The school’s student e-mail service complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act by filtering e-mail for inappropriate content. Inappropriate content may result in disciplinary action.
  12. Respect and protect all computer equipment, software, and other information tools. Do not break headphones, damage monitors, damage cameras, pull keys from keyboards or Chromebooks.
  13. Treat all people with respect, never use information that will cause or appear to cause harm to others
  14. Do not use inappropriate language or images in emails or discussion
  15. Never attempt to buy or sell anything online. This includes sites like Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

Penalties for Improper Use in accordance with MLSD Discipline Code

Intentional Inappropriate use of Computer/Internet

Including but not limited to tampering in school programs, misuse of Internet (i.e. IM, DM,, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat), “hacking”, and other inappropriate use of school accounts. As stated in the Internet User Agreement each student is responsible for his/her use of school computers.
  • 1st Offense Minimum of two detentions and/or suspension of computer/Internet use for up to two cycles
  • 2nd Offense Minimum 1 day out-of-school suspension and possible suspension of computer/Internet use for remainder of school year

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