Battle of the Books


 Battle of the Books is a reading motivation program for Neeta Students.  The program is designed to encourage reading for pleasure, broaden reading interests, and recognize students who enjoy reading.  The original idea for Battle of the Books came from a radio program sponsored by the Chicago Public Library in the early 1940’s. 

 All 3rd through 6th grade students are required to participate in the Battle of the Books Program.  The battle book list is posted to the school website.  Each third and fourth grader must read at least 4 of the 10 Battle books on the list and pass a 15 question quiz for each of those books with a grade of 80 or better.  Quizzes must be taken in school.

 5ht and 6th graders must read at least 6 of the 15 Battle books on the list and pass a 15 question quiz for each of those books with a grade of 80 or better.  Quizzes must be taken in school.  6th graders have the option of participating in Battle or Jeopardy.  The rules for Jeopardy will be explained in the fall.

 Students who successfully complete the requirements for Battle of the Books will be placed on a classroom team.  In the spring, classroom teams will participate in a classroom battle answering questions about the books in a game show quiz format.  Winning classroom teams will advance to the library battle vying for the honor of 1st place overall. 

 The selected Battle Books will be available for check-out from the library in mid-October.  At that time, Mrs. Swindells will introduce the Battle of the Books program to the students, explain the participation requirements, and give a summary of the books.  Students will have time at the end of each library period to check out books and, as the year progresses, take battle quizzes.  Schedule permitting, students may also be allowed to come to the library during certain designated “Battle” periods to take battle quizzes.

 Home & School sponsors a Battle of the Books Banquet at the end of the year to celebrate reading accomplishments.  Students are eligible to attend the banquet if they are a member of their winning classroom team or if they are a 10 book reader (3rd and 4th grade) or a 15 book reader (5th and 6th grade).  To be a 10/15 book readers, students must read all of the books on their grade level Battle list and pass the quizzes for those books.

 Students who want to get started reading their books over the summer are encouraged to do so but please remember Battle of the Books doesn’t officially begin until October so students will not be able to take quizzes until that time.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Swindells directly.