About Us
The Medford Lakes School District is a high performing school district committed to the academic and social development of children through innovative programming, excellent instruction and community support. Medford Lakes is 1.2 square miles of rustic beauty in Burlington County, NJ, part of the Pinelands Preservation area, where there are 22 lakes within this small area and hundreds of lakefront and lake view properties. Of the 1500 homes in Medford Lakes, over 150 are log cabins, giving Medford Lakes the highest concentration of log cabins in the world.

The Medford Lakes School District’s focus is to prepare students for the challenges of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as we make the transition from “No Child Left Behind” to “Every Student Succeeds Act”. Within a fiscally responsible budget the District reviews and revises curriculum, participates in staff development and uses shared services to promote teaching and academic excellence. These efforts will provide the faculty and students with the resources needed to meet the academic and social needs as defined by the world in which we live. The Medford Lakes School District is designated as a “High Performing School District” by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Medford Lakes is proud of the technology that is used to assist in instruction. With State and Federal grants and support from our Education Foundation and Home and School Association, funds were received and generated to purchase technology that enhances educational programs. Classrooms have access to laptops, Chromebooks, interactive white boards, IPads, projectors and document cameras. The District computer labs have personal computers and printers. Students have software designed to facilitate the development of writing, reading, and keyboarding skills. District technology allows students to take virtual field trips and collaborate with students and teachers all over the world. The school district is utilizing technology to improve communication between the school and community. The district welcomes visits to the district website, The website provides parents and community members with information about what is happening in the schools. Parents can also utilize email to contact the administration and faculty.

The Board of Education, the administration, faculty and staff, thanks the community for its support of our schools. The District appreciates the support of parents, community members, and all community service providers. The Home and School Association, Education Foundation, Music Booster Club and Neeta Sports Association are to be commended for their dedicated volunteer service. As a result of the efforts of all these groups, our children benefit from a safe, enriching learning environment as well as from countless special programs. This school district’s success is truly a reflection of community support in conjunction with a knowledgeable and dedicated professional staff.

Mr. Anthony V. Dent

(609) 654-5155 ext. 200