Judith McKeever
I am very excited to have our new fifth grade students. I know it is going to be a productive and successful school year. I hope everyone is rested and ready to work.

Three things I want all of you to focus on in grade 5:
1) Listen and follow directions
2) Problem solve
3) Do your best!

6 day cycle of specials:
Day 1--None
Day 2--Spanish, Period 4
Day 3--Olweus with Mrs. McKeever--Period 4
Day 4--Computers--Period 3;  Gym--Period 8
Day 5--Computers--Period 3,  Library--Period 4;  Gym--Period 8
Day 6--Computers--Period 3;  Health--Period 8
Be sure to wear sneakers for gym on days 4 and 5!

Link to Google Classroom for HW assignments, vocabulary lists, and study guides for all subjects but science:

If the link above does not work, type this into your browser:

5 Wiker link to Google classroom​​​​​​​ for HW assignments, vocabulary lists, and study guides.